Annual Report

Annual Report

My warm greetings to each and every one present at this glorious gathering. on behalf of the management, staff and students of Chaitanya International school I cordially welcome our Chief Guest Mr. Shailesh Shah, Mrs. Sujata Tolani Naik, our Chairman Mr baghwn shevkar and all our esteemed members of School Managing Committee of Chaitanya International School, Indori.

I also welcome other invited dignitaries and all parents on this occasion

There is a great saying: “Real education fetches you more than a job. It teaches you the way of life. It cannot be measured in any tangible way. Today, we are here to celebrate the courage that our students display in the path to success.

Before I Moving on to achievements let me take this opportunity to announce that Chaitanya International school got the permission to conduct the classes till Grade XII.

Excellence in all the fields is the hall-mark of a good institution and this year of the school has proved without an iota of doubt that our students have made us proud.

I would like cherish the achievements of our students for this academic year Bhandara dongar tracking competition in the month of july

  • Mast. Ashitosh duby secured 1st position
  • Mast. Prajwal Marathe secured 2nd position

We had also conducted karate, skating activity for our students through out a year. This year more than fifteen students participated in district level skating competitions in which

  • Mast Suraj mukhiya,
  • Ms rani mukhiya,
  • Mast athaarva bhase

secured 1st 2nd and 3rd positon respectively

Mast Nisarg waghmare and Ms. suhani waghmare secured 3rd position and Mast prajwal marathe seured 4th position at district level kick boxing competition

At taluka level karate competiton Mast sahil pawar secured first position , Ms suhani waghmare secured 2nd position.

In taluka level disc throw competition Mast. Asif khan secured 1st position

The credit of this excellent performance must be attributed to a number of new initiatives undertaken by the teachers and the School and the hardwork of our students.

This year, We had also organized ‘Odessay’ an inter-school platform for students to exhibit their skills in various areas. In which more than 20 schools had participated .

This year Chaitanya international school was a venue for taluka level Inter school kabbadi competition organized by district sport organization for 3days.

To ensure that our students are equipped to face any challenge, and to cater the needs of the students we had organized workshop named ‘parental challenges for coping with children’ by Mr. Sanju nair for parents,teachers and students. For 3 days.


Along with these, various events were celebrated with a lot of vigour and fun.

  • Yoga Day, sports day
  • The Independence and republic Day,

We also Celebrated birthdays of famous personalities like mahatma jyotiba phule, savitribai phule, dr. babasaheb ambedkar ,swami vivekanand.

We also celebrated festivals like dahi handi, diwali,Christmas ,makarsankrati with the parents and students with great enthusiasm.


By providing a conducive and encouraging environment, the students are mentored to participate in a variety of intra and interschool activities/competitions. It enables student to grow their confidence, knowledge & enhance their all-round development. Some of the co-curricular activities are outlined as follows:

  • Lantern Making
  • Rangoli Making
  • Drawing Competition
  • Quiz ,recitation competiton

Singing competition,Creative writing and many more

Along with gaining knowledge and conducting contests, many events were celebrated. These events were not only educational but also fun.

The initiatives like donating a rupee on first day of every month which will be utilized for social cause, planting a tree on student’s birthdays, the democratic process of choosing the Head Boy/Girl etc. were school Activities at the visitors’ lounge(लाउंज) that were highly appreciated.


  • Smart Classes ,Science labrotary,language labs,library
  • Day boarding program for the students


It’s true; we have many plans for the future and many of them have been achieved. It’s all because of our students, our teachers and our parents. Success is only possible when we work together and we will stand together at Chaitanya international school.